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How to avoid travel sickness

Summer is coming, and with less opportunity for overseas travel, many families will holiday in the UK this year. Whether heading out on the open road for a day at the beach, or a country cottage staycation, for some people a long car journey brings the fear of car sickness.

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Catalytic converters: increased demand for precious metals fuels a surge in thefts

Admiral Insurance has reported a sharp spike in catalytic converter thefts since lockdown restrictions eased.

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What are the latest rules on driving in the EU?

Now that the UK is outside the European Union (EU), people from the UK driving in Europe face a few changes. The Government has published detailed guidance for drivers that covers permits, insurance, and GB stickers.

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Speed cameras located in “good hunting grounds”

Long suspected by drivers, speed cameras are being used by some police forces to make money rather than enforce the law, according to a shocking new report from a police watchdog.

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Staycation Ideas for 2021

With uncertainty over flights to other countries this year, many of us will be looking to the UK for our holidays this year. Whether you plan to splurge or keep a tight control of the budget, we’ve come up with a few staycation ideas.

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Younger drivers save up to £500 by adding an experienced driver

Car insurance customers can save almost £500 on their annual policy cover by simply adding an experienced driver to their agreement, according to insurance experts.

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